All Zattoo-enabled services run on the same proven and scalable TV Platform and all customers benefit from the continued development and highly standardized operations of the Zattoo TV Platform.

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One Mission. Three Services.

Different use cases require different depths of integration. Zattoo offers three main integration scenarios:

Product Branding

On Demand & Catch-Up

Content Rights

Devices and Platforms

Monitoring and Reporting

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Your TV

Our full end-to-end solution under your own brand

Best-in-class Streaming

Powerful video back-end to integrate with customer-built applications

Reselling of a Proven TV Product

Easy-to-implement wholesale option to resell Zattoo for consumers

Your Branding

Video back-end solution and stream

Zattoo-branded Apps



On Request


Apple TV, Android TV, LG, Samsung, Fire TV and more

Develop your own end user applications & middleware

Apps available for most streaming devices in the market



*Pre-defined channel list available in Germany and Switzerland for which Zattoo can provide sub-licensing rights. Channel list can also be customised per business but clearance of rights only supported and not directly handled by Zattoo in this case.

Zattoo's Device Footprint

At ZATTOO, we offer our customers a wide range of applications offered, as a White Label, targeting market-leading consumer end devices such as operator focused Set Top Boxes using Android TV Operator Tier /  TV, Big Screen devices such as Smart TV’s / Amazon FireTV / Games Consoles, iOS / Android-based mobile devices and a web-based application.

The following operating systems and device platforms are supported:

  • Tizen
  • LG
  • androidtv
  • Panasonic
  • Android: Native App for Phones & Tablets
  • iOS: Native App for iPhones and iPads
  • Windows 10: App for Windows Phone, Tablet & PC
  • Web App: Website Player for all standard browsers
Big Screen
Streaming Devices
  • Apple TV: Native App for tvOS
  • Amazon Fire TV: Native App for Fire TV box
Set Top Box
  • Android TV Operator Tier
  • AppleTV for Operator
  • (Zero Sign On / Single Sign On)


  • Live TV
  • Replay (Catch-up)
  • Upselling
  • Live Pause
  • Recordings
  • 3rd Party Content

In Linear TV, users have a number of functions at their disposal, starting with the Player Controls and the Mini EPG (also known as On Screen Display), which displays information about the current program and the following program, among other things.

Our Services

Around the Clock Service and Joint Product and Market Development

  • The Platform in Operation

  • Lifecycle Management and Product Roadmap

  • Support during the contract period

The Platform in Operation

Once launched, Zattoo's customers can expect continuous developments as part of the Evergreening Roadmap and a best-in-class support service.

A key benefit to Zattoo’s multi-tenant platform and white label application approach is the ability of Zattoo to provide its customers with a Next Generation TV experience within a very short time.

On the Zattoo platform side, we have developed and now operate a market proven, highly capable, scalable and service orientated platform. As such, we are able to offer a carrier-grade service level agreement (SLA) to all of our customers. In addition to the SLA, Zattoo’s customers are provided unfettered access to a real-time service monitoring and reporting platform.

Lastly, Zattoo's TV Operations Centre offers 24/7 monitoring and support to customers via an online ticketing system and emergency phone contact.


The Zattoo platform consists of five core components to offer B2B customers a fully managed, cloud-hosted, multi-tenant TV-as-a-Service platform.


Hosted Headend/Ingest

Reception of TV signals over satellite or via IP; file-based ingest of VoD & metadata.


Hosted Backend

Encoding/Transcoding of live TV & VoD in all relevant streaming formats.


Hosted Middleware

The heart of the ecosystem that hosts end customer and operator logic, hosts the application front- end interactions, manages all operator content and packaging, and controls ad insertion.


Content Distribution

The real-time packaging, distribution and DRM securing (Widevine, Fairplay and PlayReady) of all content to end-user devices via public CDN or direct operator peered cache servers supplied and managed by Zattoo.


Frontend Applications

A customisable set of white label apps for all relevant devices incl. Operator Tier on Android, Apple TV and Smart TVs. All applications offered by Zattoo are developed natively and are downloadable on the relevant application stores (e.g. Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store).

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