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May 18, 2021

[White Paper] HbbTV OpApp

A unified, operator branded experience on Smart TVs

Nowadays, the majority of TV consumers use Smart TVs as opposed to “non-smart” TVs to watch linear TV content. In order to watch non-linear content such as Restart TV, Catch-Up TV and Video on Demand, the use of a streaming application is generally needed. Such streaming apps are widely available and downloadable either directly on the Smart TV using an app store or via a set-top box device connected to the consumer’s Smart TV. This hybrid type setup offers a quasi ‘all-in-one’ TV experience.

Our answer? An HbbTV OpApp.

Explore how Zattoo built its first HbbTV Operator App (OpApp) targeting compatible Panasonic Smart TV models. In describing how the HbbTV OpApp was built and deployed, the white paper also shares the reasons why Zattoo decided to build such an app and what the future may hold.

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