What's the latest at Zattoo?

Sep 7, 2022

Zattoo Bridge at IBC 2022 - own your TV platform for real!

Bridge provides operators with key real-time analytics, service quality and platform monitoring tools.

Zattoo, one of Europe’s leading TV Services platforms returns to the 2022 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam with Bridge, a powerful analytics and monitoring suite gearing up its already successful white label end-to-end TV-as-a-Service offering. Bridge provides operators with key real-time analytics, service quality and platform monitoring tools. Together with the new in-app messaging function connecting them directly to their customers via the TV or device screen, this underlines the company’s positioning as a critical success factor in TV-driven customer experience for broadband customers in Europe.

TV is here to stay and - by all means - it stays on the move. Its customers are firm believers in experience, demanding every bit of quality and service they enjoy at home also when watching television on a broad set of devices - wherever their daily lives take them. Customer experience is key to winning in today's European broadband markets, whose intense competition has turned broadband pricing flexibility, and stable or increasing market shares into rare commodities.

Zattoo’s white-label end-to-end TV services offering has long been established as a stepping stone to this. One of its key features, Bridge makes sure that TV services are reaching users in quality and that operators can react faster to challenges - crucial if TV services are to become hallmarks of the customer dedication, service innovation and reliability that operators need to demonstrate to the market.

“Competition for Internet customers with national incumbents and other multinational players keeps increasing and Zattoo’s Bridge feature makes all the difference when taking experiential value to TV users,'' says Jörg Meyer, Chief Commercial Officer at Zattoo. “Operators have a control this way on how their TV offering plays out in near real-time and direct contact with their customers - extra speed and focus to help win in contested local markets.”

Zattoo is the first certified climate-neutral TV streaming provider, and the company will also be promoting its green initiative with projects like the climate-neutral television of the future, operating a data centre in a wind turbine.

Zattoo’s full TV platform offering can be experienced at IBC Hall 5 Booth B.76 from 9 - 12 September 2022. Technologies that Zattoo will be showcasing and discussing at this year’s IBC event include:

Bridge - Live overview of your entire customer base

Bridge combines the most important functions for monitoring your streaming service in a central platform. It gives customer support teams easy access to all relevant information about your TV service, both in an individual end-customer view and overall. The main Bridge components are Quality of Service and Customer Support.

Bridge Customer Support

Bridge offers a unique customer support feature in which an operator’s customer support can instantly access the current status of the TV service to their customers. For example, what products and packages are assigned to the end customer or the devices on which the service is being consumed presently and over the last 14 days. This includes a timeline of activity for all linear and nonlinear use cases, filtered per application and device type, and crucially, identify activity periods in which expected service levels did not meet expectations. Customer support agents can see if an end customer did not have the available bandwidth to access the highest quality profile of the stream. They can also raise a support ticket directly to the Zattoo TV operations team within the Bridge tool. Effective customer support that enables operators to maximize service efficiency..

Bridge Quality of Service

The Quality of Service view of the Bridge gives insight to aggregated usage data, both live and over historic periods. Customers can see overall active users both live and historically, what overall % of streams were consumed in the maximum bitrate available, the distribution of streams across all supported application types, the overall share of content types and individual channels etc. Where a customer is deploying their services into different regions, a breakdown of per region consumption is also available. The combination of which is a huge step towards end-to-end Quality of Service that bundles for operators what otherwise means buying a multitude of heterogeneous tools.

Content Discovery via the new Start Page

The ability to consume content fluidly is at the core of the Zattoo TV experience and is closely tied to the discovery of readily available content. Synonymous with the way content is presented to customers, this means offering a wide range of fastly accessible choices along with customer taste - one of the key drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Operator Shop

The operator shop provides TV Platform customers with the opportunity to sell additional goods and services to their end users directly from their branded TV application. Offers are made to end users using the CRM integration interface, ZUYA, which is described in more detail in the following chapters. The presentation of offers to end users are triggered either via the operator shop page or in response to the end user attempting to consume a service within the custom launcher application for which they are not yet subscribed. An example of such context-based offers would be where the end-user attempts to watch a channel that they are not currently subscribed to.

In-App Messages

TV Platform customers have the option to send in-app messages to all of their Zattoo white-label applications using the Bridge tool. In-app messages are displayed to the user on app startup or refresh of the app session. Messages may optionally contain for example a call to action button, the function of which is defined by the TV Platform customer. Call-to-action buttons can directly link the end user to any section of the white-label application, including a specific show on a live TV channel. Web and Mobile white label applications can also link to external websites where required. As in-app messages offers TV Platform customers the ability to communicate directly with their end-user base, all administrative responsibilities related to the creation and distribution of in-app messages rest with the TV Platform customer and its own operational teams.

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