Our Services

Around the Clock Service and Joint Product and Market Development

We constantly develop, improve and enhance our TV as a Service platform at ZATTOO. This focus on excellence affords us the ability to guarantee you a reliable and resilient service at all times.
Underpinning this guarantee is ZATTOO’s focus on both security and performance enhancements to secure the future viability of the platform well in advance of other traditional TV platforms. Such ZATTOO unique approaches are an integral part of our Evergreening Roadmap, that is available to all ZATTOO customers.

The Platform in Operation

A key benefit to ZATTOO’s multi-tenant platform and White Label application approach is the ability for ZATTOO to provide its customers with a Next Generation TV experience within a very short time. Once launched, ZATTOO’s customers can expect continuous developments as part of the Evergreening Roadmap and a best in class support service.

On the ZATTOO platform side, we have developed and now operate a market proven, highly capable, scalable and service orientated platform. As such, we are able to offer a carrier-grade service level agreement (SLA) to all of our customers. In addition to the SLA, ZATTOO’s customers are provided unfettered access to a real-time service monitoring and reporting platform.

Lastly, ZATTOO’s TV Operations Centre offers 24/7 monitoring and support to customers via an online ticketing system and emergency phone contact.

Lifecycle Management und Product Roadmap

ZATTOO’s Evergreening Roadmap is a unique service available to each of ZATTOO’s customers. Simply put, ZATTOO undertakes the responsibility to constantly maintain, improve, enhance and evolve every single part of its service offering to its customers.

Whether it’s improving overall video encoding performance which impacts linear and non-linear content alike, or ensuring white label applications support the very latest OS version on the device to which they have been deployed, or even the introduction of a new feature like swipe to cast which simplified the casting of content to a big screen device, the Evergreening Roadmap ensures ZATTOO customers can focus on defining attractive and enticing TV products for their end customers, whilst ZATTOO focuses on everything else.

We understand that some customers may also have the need to address unique challenges within their addressable market by requiring the development of a feature, enhancement of compliance-related service. For such cases, we offer customers a positive and productive process of engagement, supported by our product teams, to help find the best solution either via reconfiguration, change request or new feature development.   

Support during the contract period

In becoming a ZATTOO customer, operators and media companies get the instant benefit of ZATTOO’s extensive experience in servicing both B2B customers and ZATTOO’s own B2C customers.

At ZATTOO, there are well defined and proven processes in areas such as UX development and refinement, quality assurance and release management. We use agile methods for both the execution and refinement of these processes.

Our client success management team provides a crucial link in this support chain as they are responsible for the regular day to day status updates and quarterly roadmap meetings with applicable customers.