The TV Platform.

ZATTOO’s end to end, White Label TV-as-a-Service platform is a fully managed, fully hosted, multi-tenant platform. The platform offers a carrier-grade level of performance, stability, scalability and configurability and has been the platform of choice for over 30 operators and media companies.

As part of our end-to-end white label TV-AS-A-SERVICE platform, we have developed a comprehensive set of back-end functions that give you a high degree of flexibility in designing your TV product.

Platform 1

Hosted Headend / Ingest

Acquisition of linear TV channels either Over the Air (OTA) or via IP Ingest at ZATTOO’s Geo-Resilient locations in Zurich, Switzerland and Frankfurt, Germany. VOD asset ingest and EPG programme information import is also available.

Platform 2

Hosted Backend Encoding / Transcoding & Storage

The encoding / transcoding of linear and on demand assets to ZATTOO’s Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) profiles, available in SD / HD / Full HD and 4K/UHD, which are natively supported by ZATTOO’s White Label applications. Additionally, the storage of linear programmes for replay / catch-up and archived storage in both master and individual copy mechanisms is performed here.

Platform 3


The heart of the ecosystem which hosts both end customer and operator logic, hosts the application front end interactions,manages all operator content and packaging, and controls ad insertion. Middleware is also where operators CRM integration is performed via ZATTOO’s ZUYA interface.

Frontend Applications

A comprehensive set of White Label applications targeting market-leading consumer end devices such as operator focused Set Top Boxes using Android TV Operator Tier / Apple TV, Big Screen devices such as Smart TV’s / Amazon FireTV / Games Consoles, iOS / Android-based mobile devices and a web-based application for PC / MAC.

All applications offered by ZATTOO are developed natively using the most efficient and reliable methods available to developers today, and are all made available for download on the relevant application stores (e.g. Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store).

Platform 4

Content Distribution

The real time packaging, distribution and DRM securing (Widevine, Fairplay and PlayReady) of all content to end user devices via public CDN or direct operator peered cache servers supplied and managed by ZATTOO.