Our TV-as-a-Service’s Range of Features

Media streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video have revolutionised the classic perception of engaging with television content: Viewers want to see any content anywhere, anytime.

Whereas ZATTOO’s strength was initially in the delivery of purely live TV content, the introduction in 2012 of non-linear and On Demand content streaming has copper-fastened ZATTOO’s promise to ensure it is ready and able to adapt to the demands of TV and video consumers. 

Any Content – Anywhere – Anytime

The ZATTOO platform offers a comprehensive set of core features within the branded application TV experience. Whether it’s Live TV, Catch-Up / Replay, Restart / Start-Over, Live Pause, Network and Local PVR or Video on Demand, your end customers will have instant access to their favorite content at all times.

Underpinning each of these content-related features is the ability to secure the necessary rights from content owners and studio’s. ZATTOO offers a fully natively developed DRM function in which all three leading DRM technologies are supported (Widevine, Fairplay & PlayReady), and further supported at the highest security levels.
Additionally, ZATTOO’s TV-as-a-Service platform offers the ability to individually enforce such protection requirements on a per content, channel, broadcaster suite or platform level.

Within the stream related features, ZATTOO offers the following:

You can offer an unlimited number of channels, for which you can further determine their order on your channels list and define product categories and genres. Your end customers can create their own favourites list and easily zap between channels from various locations within the TV UI experience.

Catch-Up and Replay can be easily managed with the TV Guide.

Provide your end customers access to up to 14 days of Catch-Up / Replay content directly from the EPG.

Use the option to restart a currently airing show instead of using Live TV.

Provide your end customers the ability to restart a currently airing show, instantly taking them to the beginning of the show.

Pause live TV and start TimeShift mode. Moreover, rewind, fast forward or return directly to live.

Let your end customers pause live TV, thus putting them into TimeShift mode. From here, your end customers can rewind, fast forward or directly return to live.

Enable your end customers to schedule recording for future shows, record what is currently airing, and depending on the technical implementation required, record shows they missed from Catch-Up / Replay. ZATTOO offers a set of flexible recordings options:

  • Master Copy Network Recording: A single copy of the recording is made on the ZATTOO TV as a Service platform, which can then be shared with other end customers for whom the same recording is requested.
  • Individual Copy Network Recording: A unique recording of the relevant show is required for each end customer for whom a recording is requested.
  • Local Recordings: End customers may store recordings on an attached local storage device on the relevant operator Set Top Box device.

Network recordings have the additional benefit in that they can be made accessible to other multi-screen applications registered to the end customer.

The latest movies and series are available within the Video on Demand Function.

Content from established VOD providers can be easily integrated in the platform. You clarify the content rights, and we make the content come alive for your end customers!

Content Discovery:

Content Discovery: Anytime the best content for your customers

ZATTOO’s White Label applications offer a TV experience which is content-centric. A key facilitator in this principle is ZATTOO’s content discovery and personalised recommendations features. Content discovery is the ability to promote and recommend content to an end customer within prominent areas of the UI and to ensure that presentation is uniform across linear and non-linear areas of the experience. Simply put, the goal of content discovery and recommendations is to help the user select the content they want to watch quickly and consistently.


ZATTOO achieves this in two key ways. Firstly, ZATTOO’s customers can customise the order of content marques and carousels within the TV experience. Secondly, ZATTOO’s personalised recommendation algorithm learns and predicts the viewing choices of the end customer and those of like-minded end customer so as to promote certain content within these content discovery sections of the UI.


Content Discovery is available within the highlights page (a.k.a. landing page), recordings page and VOD page. Personalised and non-personalised recommendations are available both within the content discovery carousels and also within the show details pages.

Product Management and Monetization Opportunities

At ZATTOO, we are continuously working on innovations and developing new ways of distributing, presenting and monetising linear and nonlinear content.

Another key cornerstone of the ZATTOO platform is simplicity of integrating your CRM platform. We understand that operators and media companies take their obligations in the area of data sharing and security seriously. We have developed an anonymised approach to enabling you provision your end customers service choices on our platform, without the need for costly and expensive integrations, whilst also giving you the flexibility to change your CRM platform without needing to re-integrate.

Via this connection to your CRM, your own products and product levels can be defined and made available during the project phase, for deployment within our real-time provisioning process.

Can’t find the feature you’re looking for?

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