Live overview of your entire customer base

The Bridge combines the most important functions for monitoring your streaming service in a central platform. It gives your customer support teams easy access to all relevant information about your TV service, both in an individual end customer view and in an overall view. The main Bridge components are Quality of Service and Customer Support.

Customer Support

The Bridge offers a unique customer support feature in which a customer support representative of the operator can instantly access the current status of the end customers TV service. For example, the customer support agent can see what products and packages are assigned to the end customer, the devices on which the service is being consumed presently and over the last 14 days.

They can also see a timeline of activity for all linear and nonlinear use cases, filtered per application and device type, and crucially, identify activity periods in which expected service levels did not meet expectations. Specifically, customer support agents can see if an end customer did not have the available bandwidth to access the highest quality profile of the stream. Finally, a customer support agent can raise a support ticket directly to the ZATTOO TV operations team within the Bridge tool.

Quality of Service

The Quality of Service area offers insights into aggregated usage data both live and over the last 10 days. Customers can see overall active users both live and historically, what the overall % of streams were consumed in the maximum bitrate available, the distribution of streams across all the supported application types, the overall share of content types and individual channels etc. Additionally, where a customer is deploying their services into numerous regions, a breakdown of the per region consumption is also available.

The benefits of Bridge to ZATTOO’s customers:

GDPR complian

No personal identifiable information is stored or presented by Bridge.

Live data 

All reported data is available both live and historically.

Full transparency

Offers full transparency as to the performance of their TV Platform.