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Today’s TV and video consumers use a variety of devices to enjoy content, be they mobile devices, tablet PC and traditional PCs, to big screen devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV’s and game consoles.
In doing so, consumers are making a clear statement to those operators and media companies keen to convert them to a TV customer – the consumer is king. The consumer expects top quality content and flexibility in how they enjoy their content and crucially, if an operator or media company wants to convert the consumer into a customer, these expectations must be met.

We at ZATTOO want to help you address and exceed these challenges. Expand your product portfolio with a Next Generation TV entertainment product from ZATTOO. Already have a TV Platform that is not meeting the needs of today’s consumers? We can help you quickly expand and enhance your TV product to address these gaps.

Our TV-as-a-Service platform is a fully hosted and managed multi-tenant end to end platform. We handle everything from the ingest of your linear and on-demand content, right through to encoding, real-time transcoding, storage, packaging DRM and distribution via our unique content distribution network.

Take advantage of short project timelines, and launch your own state-of-the-art TV entertainment product within just a few months, without having to invest in expensive software or hardware components.

Zattoo gravity devices

At ZATTOO, we offer all our end customers facing applications as a White Label, with a consistent feature set including Live TV, Catch-Up / Replay, Restart / Start-Over, Live Pause, Network and Local PVR and Video on Demand.

We also offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to designing and customising your TV product. Our customers can individually brand their preferred suite of White Label applications, implement their own brand identity within the labeling, fonts, colour and icon selection and even link to their own specific terms of service and data security statement.

Coupled with the consistent feature set and other unique features such as content discovery and personalised recommendations, we enable our customers to offer an attractive TV experience to their end customers.

Pick your most essential FEATURES

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Choose your must have DEVICES

Choose your most essential Features!

The ZATTOO platform offers a comprehensive set of core features within the branded application TV experience. Whether it’s Live TV, Catch-Up / Replay, Restart / Start-Over, Live Pause, Network and Local PVR or Video on Demand, your end customers will have instant access to their favorite content at all times. At ZATTOO, we are proud to offer you and your end customers a market-leading, future-proof TV product with a growing set of core features.


Live TV Catch-Up / Replay


Restart / Start-Over

Live Pause

Live Pause



Video on demand

Video on Demand

Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Choose your must-have devices:

At ZATTOO, we offer our customers a wide range of applications, all offered as a White Label, targeting market-leading consumer end devices. In addition to our operator focused Set Top Box and Big Screen devices, feature-packed mobile applications (iOS, / Android) and a widely supported web application offers a unique and consistent second screen solution to our customers.

All applications are developed natively using the most efficient and reliable methods available to developers today, and are all made available for download on the relevant application stores (e.g. Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store)

We offer applications for the following operating systems and device platforms:

Device 1

Operator Level / Set Top Box Integrationen

  • Android TV Operator Tier
  • Apple TV for Operator (Zero- bzw. Single Sign On Ansatz)
Device 2

Consumer Big Screen Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One
Device 3

Consumer Mobil- und Tablet-Devices

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10
Device 4

Casting Devices

  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple Air Play
Device 5

Web App

  • Mac OS für Safari, Chrome, Firefox Browser
  • Windows OS für Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox

Our Services

We constantly develop, improve and enhance our TV-as-a-Service platform at ZATTOO. This focus on excellence affords us the ability to guarantee you a reliable and resilient service at all times. Underpinning this guarantee is ZATTOO’s focus on both security and performance enhancements to secure the future viability of the platform well in advance of other traditional TV platforms. Such ZATTOO unique approaches are an integral part of our so calles Evergreening Roadmap, a roadmap available to all ZATTOO customers.


Live overview of your entire customer base

The Bridge combines the most important functions for monitoring your streaming service in a central platform. It gives your customer support teams easy access to all relevant information about your TV service, both in an individual end customer view and in an overall view. The main Bridge components are Quality of Service and Customer Support.

The TV Platform.

ZATTOO’s end to end, White Label TV as a Service platform is a fully managed, fully hosted, multi-tenant platform. The platform offers a carrier-grade level of performance, stability, scalability and configurability and has been the platform of choice for over 30 operators and media companies.

Offers Platform